Our employees are our by far most important resource. We work hard on being an attractive employer to ensure we can recruit and keep skilled employees.

By having an open and continuous dialogue, we are creating the environment that we think you need to thrive and develop. We believe in a strong team work driven by inspiring challenges.

Perceptive employees and managers who support individual development. In addition to this, each employee has a couple of formal performance reviews with their manager every year. We invest continuously in skills development.

We aim for commitment by:
• Having clear goals and living our values
• Having an attractive benefits program
• Encourage and enable flexible working in a way that suits everybody.

To further grow culture and cooperation, Addedo has several get-togethers. During some of these, we exchange experiences and take on challenges together. Sometimes all consultants are involved, and on other occasions we work in smaller groups. We have a continuous focus on sharing and learning from each other. Once a month we have a company meeting where we discuss what was said in the latest management meeting.
On other occasions we simply meet to play. We often make conference trips together with skiing, paddling, cycling and other fun activities on the agenda.


Our consultants are continuously rewarded based on competence and achievements. But an equal share of the variable salary is driven by the performance of the group. By doing this we want to encourage sharing and adding knowledge. We also offer a generous health care contribution (“friskvårdsbidrag”), an opportunity to buy a car at favorable conditions (“personalbil”), health examinations and much more.


Our consultants are often onsite with clients, but sometimes it’s also possible to work out of the Addedo offices. Our offices are nicely furnished and well equipped, to encourage working there together. Of course, you can also work from home, should you wish.
Everyone at Addedo has full flextime within the calendar month and six weeks holiday.



We are always open to good consultants.

We want to grow in a controlled way and we have an ambition to take good care of our new colleagues. Therefore we take on new people at a slow pace and we put much effort into our recruitment process. We also work hard to ensure that new employees are getting a smooth start at Addedo.

Our recruitment process always starts with at least 2 interviews where the candidate in most cases gets the opportunity to meet:

• Immediate manager
• Managing Director
• Colleague
• Advisor within relevant competence area.

One purpose of the interview is to ensure that you and Addedo are a good match, i.e. that you have the knowledge and experience that we need, and that your values correspond with those of Addedo. Of course, we also want to check that you have a personality that fits into our team.

At the interview we also present your short and long term development plan, and how you and your competence would fit into Addedo’s strategy. Our goal is that you and Addedo will have a mutually beneficial cooperation.


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