addedo.Connect – streamlining import of data to cognos controller using a web based user interface.

During my first weeks at Addedo there were lots of things to absorb. One such thing included a Web interface for importing data, automating the importing of data, control over the data to be imported, monitoring status of imports, different source systems used for importing data and flexibility to change destination Cognos Controller database. To summarize it was Edo.Connect, Kelly Madill, Consultant at Addedo says.

What is addedo.Connect?

addedo.Connect is a web application built on top of Cognos Controller allowing the import of data into Cognos Controller from a data warehouse, ERP or another custom database.
addedo.Connect enables one or more data sources to be read, and data imported to Cognos Controller.

Why addedo.Connect?

Requires no additional hardware or software installation.
Users retain control regarding the data imported, whilst the data import is automatic.
addedo.Connect is an uncomplicated interface with the possibility to

(i) define parameters such as period and companies to be imported, and start the import

(ii) view status of recent imports

(iii) review data of current and recent imports

(iv) switch between Cognos Controller databases

Windows Authentication is used for security by addedo.Connect, meaning a users’ security groups defined in Cognos Controller will be applied for the user when logged in to addedo.Connect.

Requires no additional maintenance, maintenance of Cognos Controller updates addedo.Connect.

addedo.Connect - enables one or more data sources to be read, and data imported to Cognos Controller. Streamlining import of data to Cognos Controller.

What should be considered when implementing addedo.Connect?

  • What and where are the source systems?
  • What information regarding Cognos Controller exists in the source systems and what data does not exist?
  • Are they local or in the cloud?
  • How are the source systems hosted in relation to Cognos Controller?
  • Mappings and transformation of source data to be valid for Cognos Controller.

How can you learn more?

If you are interested in finding out more, there is a breakfast seminar at Addedo in Stockholm on the 14th June 2018 from 8:30-9:30. Read more here

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